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Friday, December 08, 2006

Project 9 : Persuade with Power

Brian sought ideas for a persuasive speech, after offering these two possibilities, himself.

I could pretend all the people are high school students and prepare a speech on why they need to learn math. Basically, these days, if they want a job that is very much more than pushing in carts at wal-mart, they need to have math skills.

Another I can think of is the importance of having anti-virus software on your computer, and keeping it updated. Maybe even a few ways to get a free one.

Rich attempted to persuade the "Salt Lake City Council" that a pro football team would be successful, despite the fact that they play Sunday games.

Fluidly Unsure was concerned about controversial topics like global warming or illegal immigration. In both cases any kind of fire you spark will soon get out of control.

There are some people out there that consider hacking their God given right. But I doubt if there are very many in my club.

Rod has 'persuaded' members to take part in speech contests.

Rick suggested convincing Windows users to get a Mac or run Linux on their PC

John F suggested it does not have to be a "you're either with us or agin' us" type of topic.
Consider the car buyer who walks into a dealership. He has already decided he needs a new car. His daddy drove a Ford, his grand daddy drove a Ford, his great grand daddy drove a Ford, and he doesn't really see any reason why he shouldn't buy a Ford. Unfortunately, your dealership sells Chryslers, and your job is to convince him it's OK to break with the family tradition and buy something you sell that better meets his needs. So pick something that won't have half your club membership planning to lynch you after the meeting is over, and have fun with it.

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