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These are summaries of the collected wisdom of contributors to a Toastamsters newsgroup which operated between 1995 and 2008 and ToastmastersPrime, a Google group which commenced in 2008. This is not an official Toastmasters site, but is an edited collection of posts from the newsgroup and the Google group. These groups provide an unofficial means of communicating for an enthusiastic group of Toastmasters from throughout the world.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

About this blog, and about the host

Since the very early days of use net groups there has been a newsgroup for Toastmasters that can be a valuable source of information and a forum to exchange opinions on changes and challenges facing Toastmasters members and club executives.

An archive of the postings is available at

The one problem that I have is that searching for a gem may mean wading through thousands of posts.

After a particularly valuable exchange on Grab Bag meetings in December 2006 I suggested to the group that it was a shame that the ideas were not readily available for someone searching for an innovative way to liven up a meeting. Long time contributor, Joy, suggested a blog and I took up the challenge.

It is my intention to summarize useful exchanges which a long shelf life and post them in this location. I will credit the original contributor and post the date that thread started.

To get things moving, I have summarized a couple of threads on different club activities. This will form a template for the postings. It is my intention to avoid debates on fee rises or district management, but rather to confine posts to tricks of the trade that are useful to members and club executives.

For some of the posts I will mine the archives of the newsgroups. Others will be made once discussion on a current topic has slowed down. They will be my precis of the content, with a reference to the date of the opening post so that you can research further if you choose.

Who is I?

My name is John Sleigh and I am a member of Toastmasters in District 70, from Sydney Australia. I am a speaker and trainer. You can find out more about me at my web site, Learning from Experience. Because I am Australian, all of the spelling errors are either deliberate, to provoke feedback, Australian spelling or indicative of the time that I put into composing the post. You choose.

How can you contribute?
Because these posts are a precis of the newsgroup postings, the easiest way to contribute is through a posting to the newsgroup. Posts about older threads can still be made and will appear in the current postings.

Short comments about the precis or about this blog can also be made through the comments feature of the blog, but to avoid spam, I have confined this to people who are registered with BlogSpot and even then I must approve the post before it appears. It may be practical to loosen up these conditions as the blog becomes established.


The names "Toastmasters International", "Toastmasters" and the Toastmasters International emblem are trademarks protected in the United States, Canada and other countries where Toastmasters Clubs exist. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


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