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Monday, December 11, 2006

Project 6: Vocal Variety

When Lucy was having difficulty coming up with a Vocal Variety speech in June 1996,

Bill recalled a humorous speech using my voice to emphasize exaggerations, convey sarcasm, and draw the audience in for subtlety. A friend of mine gave an informational speech, using voice to liven up an otherwise dry topic and to highlight the important points that often go unnoticed in factual presentations.

John F suggested topics on subjects like interpersonal realations, customer service, etc can work well.

Stories about rasing your kids (assuming you have some) also work because kids have neat expressions that they can say in the most annoying ways. Like 'Moooom, are WE there yet?'

We can talk about the kinds of phone calls we don't like to get. like (say it with a very nasal kind of voice) 'Hello, this is Louise from Bury and Burnham Funeral Homes. Have you given any thought to what they're going to do with your wretched carcass the day you kick the bucket?'

Alternatively, you can talk about your favorite kinds of co-workers. Just don't mention any names and get yourself sued.

DTM Pat suggested the telephone! Calls I get from relatives, salesmen, neighbors, etc. Calls I wish would come. I brought in a phone to use as a prop, too.

Or... how a phrase, worded exactly the same, changes it's meaning depending on how it's delivered. Angry, surprised, romantic, secretive, etc. You could use Toastmasters educational material on duties for the phrases.

Robert's speech was called "People I Have Known" in which I described each of my elementary school teachers. I was able to evoke a strict teacher, a grouchy old woman, and the fun grade 3 teacher.

Stephen spoke about annoying TV commercials. We have a bunch of car dealers in town who love speaking loud and fast about their cars. I interlaced a nice quiet romantic movie with loud brash car commercials.

John did his talking about noises that I hear in the neighborhood:
  • The lawn mower
  • The jack hammer
  • Children playing

Doug's based on one particular street vendor of a newspaper for the homeless. The body of the speech was then demonstrations of various techniques

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  • At 11:41 PM, Blogger LuoSuo said…

    I am working on Project 6, Vocal Variety, this week. Thank you so much for all these nice tips!


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