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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Confrontation - the adversary relationship

In April 2003 when Ledeema needed help with Speeches by Management assignment 5 Confrontation: The Adversary Relationship, she started the thread Need help on a topic.

John F took a stand against expansion of Edmonton's Light Rail Transit (LRT) system, calling it a half billion dollar boondoggle. I looked at the large cost of the project, the expected ridership levels and a couple of weaknesses in the proposed project like lack of park-and-ride facilities at the proposed Southgate station.
So, if there is a civic issue in your community, particularly one where a city manager or a member of city council may be called on to speak, you might find a topic in that. It doesn't have to be as big as LRT expansion either.
By the way, in reality, I support expansion and believe it is long overdue. However, I took the con position because it would guarantee the majority of the audience would be on the opposite side of the issue.

Rod said there are many controversial issues related to the IT age, such as data mining, spam, privacy etc. that might touch you.

You will already be on familiar territory with issues such as plagiarism. Where should the line be drawn? What are the differences between plagiarism and copyright breach? Your focus might be literature, patents, Toastmasters, music, or any of many others.
Should RVs have unlimited access to wilderness areas? Pollution and erosion. Should conservation issues be subverted to the demands of business?

Rick used club management for my basis for several of the speeches in that manual. I spoke in favor allowing controversial speeches in the club. Speeches that were political or religious.

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